Enterprise Service Level Agreement

Our goal is to create a simple, but cohesive support progression for our customers to ensure they receive the best care possible.Within this document are our general guidelines for ticket submissions as well as escalation avenues for extenuating circumstances such as company-wide outages or other emergencies.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) by Communications Channel

Channel First Touch Second Touch Response Time
Ticket (email or web submission) Portal Call Centre Support Manager See SOI Chart Below
Phone Call - M-F 8AM - 6PM EST Portal Call Centre N/A < 8 Minutes
Phone Call - After Hours Portal Call Centre Portal OnCall < 30 Minutes
Emergency After Hours Line Portal Call Centre Portal OnCall < 15 Minutes

Service Level Agreement (SLA) by Issue Severity / Business Impact

Typical Scope of Impact (SOI) Priority First Touch (Assigned) Time Between Replies
Change Request or Single User Issue Low < 24 Hours < 3 Hours
Group / Department Medium < 4 Hours < 1 Hour
Entire Business High < 1 Hour < 60 Minutes

Submitting a Ticket

For a complete list of support departments and to submit a ticket via web, go to https://www.portalnetworks.ca/supportIn order for our support teams to address issues as quickly as possible, we ask that you do your best to supply us with a detailed description of the issue you're facing. Such as: