Six Reasons Why A 3CX Phone System Can Benefit Your Business

Six Reasons Why A 3CX Phone System Can Benefit Your Business

Finding the right phone system for your business is often challenging, especially with overwhelming amounts of choices. Perhaps you’ve already considered switching to VoIP, yet don’t know which system is best for your budget.

One of the most affordable without taking away vital features is a 3CX phone system. Numerous reasons exist why 3CX is so popular. The main one is all features are stored on a server for better control.

Let’s look at six reasons why your business can thrive using 3CX phones immediately.

1. Flexibility is Key

Flexibility is a major advantage – with 3CX, businesses can choose from a variety of communication channels, including voice, video, chat, and more. This flexibility allows businesses to communicate with customers and colleagues in the way that works best for them. Additionally, 3CX offers mobile apps that allow employees to make and receive calls from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This can be a huge advantage for businesses with remote workers or those that need to stay connected while on the go.

2. Save Money On Your Phone Bills

All businesses eventually realized switching to VoIP could get them away from big phone bills from phone companies. It works much the same way with 3CX phones, yet with added benefits.

If you have to do frequent web conferencing, you likely know how high phone bills are. And maintenance can cost even more when having to replace phones.

Using 3CX can even work on your own hardware or as a virtual machine. Yes, you can even host it in the cloud, making the system instantly retrievable by your employees at any time wherever they are.

This added pro of not having to invest in VoIP hardware makes 3CX systems unique to the world of digital phones.

3. You Have Every Phone Feature Needed for a Business

There isn’t one thing 3CX phones can’t do in the way of giving you complete connectivity in-house or across the globe. After the COVID-19 pandemic many business may stay in a hybrid work-from-home model, and you may still have employees working from home who require their extensions be accessible to them. A 3CX system is ideal because workers can easily call and take calls on their own mobile devices, or desktop applications for Mac and Windows.

Some features 3CX phones bring include:

  • Call logs
  • Capability to record calls
  • Instant Messaging
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Video conferencing

These features are only a partial list, yet those alone help keep everyone connected day or night. The ability to do video conferencing is no doubt one of the most important to you while working remotely with your employees or associates.

None of these features cost you extra money, and they all work with your existing internet connection.

4. You Can Take Your Office Number With You

When businesses finally discovered the power of VoIP, they realized they could use their office numbers on their mobile devices while in the field. 3CX phones do the same, bringing further convenience for remote working.

Your benefit here, of course, is your employees can call out and those on the receiving end will see your business number on their ID. If your employees have to make cold calls, this increases the likelihood someone will pick up the call rather than ignore it. After all, most cell phone calls are just blocked or go to voicemail.

Some of your employees can even go overseas and still be able to make business calls without having to step foot in their office. Thanks to the use of call journals and pop-ups, they can easily see who’s calling them.

Considering this is all integrated into the mobile devices they already use, the learning curve in using these features is minimal. In turn, you’re going to see a major uptick in productivity in your employees, no matter where they happen to work.

5. Integration Across the Board

Another great benefit to using a 3CX system is that it is always expanding its integration library to make your life easier. Thanks to browser extensions, you or your employees can simply click on a number from a website and have the call go through.

CRM integration is also easy, allowing you to do the same type of calling method. Just about any type of CRM is supported here. And, many Microsoft programs like Office 365 are easy to integrate.

No more do you have to invest in a phone system and worry it may not be compatible with some of the most widely used business apps.

6. Added Security

Your business likely worries about tech security every day. 3CX phone systems are designed so you don’t have to worry about your phone calls being hacked. It comes with built-in security tools through a console managed entirely online.

The ability to maintain all your security on your own through a simple online interface saves you more money hiring IT security experts to monitor your system.

FQDN and SSL certificates are some security options available to make all calls safe without worries. It also comes with the usual virus protection and firewalls.

Unlike other new technologies requiring extra security protocols, being able to manage your 3CX phones through your own server is an incredible way to stay independent as a business.

Helping Canadians and Ontario Businesses

Where can you turn to get a 3CX phone system set up in your Canadian-based business? At Portal Networks, we provide high-quality IT and phone services to businesses throughout Southern and Central Ontario all the way across the country.

It’s time to take action and get your phone systems upgraded while taking heed of your technology budget. Contact us to learn more about how we can get 3CX phones into your business today.

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