We've got a new look at Portal

We've got a new look at Portal

We think it's fair to say that the world has undergone a transformation over the past 12 months - and not just due to COVID-19. 2020 was a year of reflection and introspection, a year of change, a year of awareness - and it hasn't been easy.

Here at Portal, we've been contemplating what that means for us and what our goals are as a company. One thing that last year really taught us is that necessary change is never easy. We want to make sure we present ourselves as what we strive to be daily: "the honourable IT partner", as one of our clients put it. And that applies to all of our services we offer to our amazing customers - big and small.  

We thought the best way to honour this journey and the transformation that we as a company have gone through not only in 2020 but in these eight amazing years of service is with a reinvigorated brand design that embraces our name - Portal, and our dedication to always be simple, reliable, and convenient.


This is why you'll now see a new category in our simplified support form that says "Feedback and Success Stories", we want your feedback on what you want to see from us, and to hear about your stories of success with Portal.

From all of us here at your favourite IT, Internet, and Voice Service Provider - thank you! ✌️

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