The Future of the Hybrid Workplace

Learn how businesses are adjusting to the "new normal" and how you can too.

One definitive thing that we know about the future is that the traditional workplace model is a thing of the past. Before, finding someone who exclusively worked from home or even in a hybrid model was almost as rare as seeing Bigfoot. The raging effects brought by COVID-19 forced many employers to shift to remote working. Fast forward to now, a year later and we see digital domains as a fixture in the world of work. This creates new possibilities for both employers and job seekers. 

Advantages of Virtual Work 

No matter the size of your business, if you’re a full fledged operation or a small crew, virtual hiring gives you access to a larger pool of top talent. And for those searching for work, being a digital nomad offers you greater life autonomy, being able to perform your duties wherever suits you best, which can lead to exciting lifestyle changes. It’s fair to say that while this past year has been a wild ride for us all, it’s also been very eye opening in understanding productivity, efficiency, and this new way of working. 

The Future of Hybrid Working

Work-from-home, remote work, or whatever you may call it, has really revolutionized the way both employers and employees view the workplace. Improved work-life balances, increased productivity, and reduced costs are just some of the mutual benefits that have made flexible work options almost a necessity for businesses. Not to mention the commute to the office. 

While many companies were forced into remote work as a result of the pandemic, most are looking to implement long-term hybrid work options, as others have already made the permanent switch. Needless to say, it’s in the best interest of a business to offer some form of remote work for those employees who favour it. 

Still, there are some companies that are wary of the possibilities that come from offering remote work options, and it is always logical to weigh the pros and cons as it relates to your business model. Though, there are also many misconceptions regarding worker productivity, employee morale, and general organization that can negatively affect your perception. In many cases, it’s been proven that when given the correct resources, reliable Internet and communication systems, along with being in an environment that better suits the individual, employees not only do their job better, but they’re also happier while doing it.  

How To Efficiently WFH

Now, with all the tools and resources available, it’s never been easier to implement virtual working arrangements. At the center of all successful remote work is strong communication. Having a reliable system that seamlessly integrates with your business and makes communicating efficient and effective is the key to the future of working. It’s vital to equip your colleagues with the necessary tools that optimize internal and client communication, while maintaining task efficiency. To make working remotely seamless for your team, you’ll need to: 

  1. Ensure you and your employees have access to quality, high speed Internet service
  2. Implement a trustworthy and effective IT management system
  3. Invest in a comprehensive communications system, ideally with phone, video, and messaging capabilities

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